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                                                       Prices are suggested manufacturers retail price. Dealer pricing available for FFL/SOT holders.


Bright finish MkIII   * These are suggested retail prices for a complete firearms, we currently do not supply the host firearm, you must supply the firearm to be inetrgally suppressed.

 MkII/III or 22/45 Accurizing kit ( aftermarket competition trigger, precision hammer & springs) MkII/MkIII


Tritium Night Sights 
Currently not available
Laser Sight Grips 
Suppress customer supplied stainless gun


Add $50 (for target sights) if gun has a tapered barrel

Suppress customer supplied Blued gun


              Add $50 (for target sights) if gun has a tapered barrel

 Pack Holsters for  MkII (7.8" max tube length)

 Custom Gunrug soft case for integral pistols



 Goverment model MkIII, tan cerakote, built to military specs on your supplied stainless Ruger MkIII, #10103 $995.00 


Fits Browning Buckmark or Challenger, installs on your gun in  minutes, price includes a new barrel.
 Suppress customer supplied gun.      




 Matrix, 1/2"-28 thread

 Matrix GS, with Reactive Recoil Module booster, 1.25" OD by 7.7" long

.223    Typhoon,  Stainless Steel, Inconel, thread mount 

 Hurricane , Stainless Steel, Inconel, thread mount

Hurricane XL, Stainless steel, 1/2"-28  thread mount

Titanium Hurricane Ti or Typhoon Ti, thread mount only                        $945.00

Titanium Hurricane XL TI, 1/2"-28 thread mount, 7.5" long

 Typhoon  with Atlas Universal mount, Mounts to standard A2 flash hider

 .223 QD Hurricane.  Uses CanLoc flashhider on Barrel, price includes 1/2x28 threaded flashhider


.22LR  Apache or Comanche,   Stainless tube suppressor  *** (Comanche is 17 HMR capable) (add $20 for black finish)

 .22LR   22 Odessa, similar to Cheyenne, except only 3.90" long
   Walther P22 barrel nut and thread protector

.22LR Cheyenne, 1" O.D. x 4.8" long  Aluminum tube suppressor


Cheyenne XL, 1" OD by 5.5" long Aluminum tube suppressor
.22 LR
Cheyenne XXL, 1" OD  by 6.2" long, quietest can made anywhere, by anybody

.17 HMR
Hmax stainless suppressor  (may be used for .22LR and .22 Magnum)                         $395.00

.30 Cal Shadow, 1.5" O.D x 8.0" Stainless Steel


.30 cal
Shadow XL,  9.3"   long suppressor

 Optional upgrade .30 Shadow to full time magnum capable baffles

Adaptor bushing, 5/8"-24 Outside, 1/2"-28 inside, allows use of .30 can on .223 threaded barrel, stainless steel

.30 cal
Titanium Shadow TI .30,  8" long

.30 cal
Titanium Shadow XL TI  .30, 9.3" long

.338 LM
  Lapua Magnum. 10.5" long, 1.625"-1.5" OD, 5/8"-24 thread mount. 40 ounces.
.338 LM
Titanium Lapua Magum suppressor, 10.5" long, 1.5" OD, 17 oz with 5/8"-24 thread, 19 oz.

 For threads other than 5/8" OD, including 11/16" and 18 mm, add

                     ***  add $20 for black Cerakote finish  (HMax, Comanche and Apache only)

Price includes thread protector

Muzzle threading on most .22 rifles, handguns & other rifles with easily removable barrels 
Muzzle threading on guns without removeable barrel (e.g.  most bolt centerfires)
$120.00 to $135.00


RUGER 10/22, 10/22 takedown, 77/22, and Ruger AMERICAN INTEGRAL RIFLES

Stainless 16" barrel gun, overall barrel/suppressor length 22"    (complete rifle currently unavaiable, please send up your rifle, see prices below)
Black synthetic stock and  bright stainless finish, or blued gun with Duracoat finish

Stainless 10" barrel gun, overall barrel/suppressor length 16"   (complete rifle currently unavaialble, send us your rifle for conversion, see prices below)
Black synthetic stock and  bright stainless finish, or blued gun with Duracoat finish

Suppress customer supplied stainless gun
Suppress customer supplied Blued gun
Suppress 10/22 Takedown,  $950.00

 2.5 pound Trigger (reduced pull weight, includes aftermarket hammer and sear)
One Finger Bolt Release 
$  30.00
Adjustable Iron Sites Mounted on Suppressor Tube
Houge black overmolded stock $75.00
 Black CeraKote finish on stainless gun and suppressor tube

RUGER  77/22  

Complete Ruger 77/22
                                 Send us your rifle for conversion

Cost to suppress customer supplied 77/22

Cost to suppress Ruger AMERICAN



1.5" O.D. x 17.5 tube

   Suppress customer supplied rifle

 Special fast twist Douglas Match barrel, chambered for either Magnum, or .44 Special case length



MARLIN CAMP .45 or 9mm

Price on customer supplied rifle . Also price to supress customer supplied 77/44



Integrally suppresse customer supplied 9MM or .45 ACP AR style Upper barrel and free float handguard  (120-123 dB), 16" overall length std, 13" SBR length optional,  (Add $60 if we are suppling the free float, Model 1 sales handguard)

 Integrally suppress your submachine barrel, grease gun, Swede K,  Sten, etc


 Shop rate on all other custom work

Integrally suppress your .223, .30 or .300 BO, boilt action  rifle or TC Encore barrel  (stainless suppressor and baffles,   forTitanium, add $500)

Prices subject to change without notice, call if you are unsure.  Prices do not include shipping. 

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