Integral Mark II or 22/45


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We offer two different varaitions of our integrally suppressed Ruger pistol:


Our PROFESSIONAL model  Ruger MkII/MkIII is available in several configurations. You have a choice of either stainless steel, or blued/molycoted finish, and with suppressor tube lengths of , 6.5�, 7.1� (standard) and 7.8� ,as measured from the front of the receiver.  At this time, the customer must supply the host Ruger MkIII, MkII, or MkI for us to integrally suppress.

The Professional model, designed for civilian use, will cycle most ammo including subsonic.

Std tube lengths, as measured from the front of the grip frame, are 7.7" and 7.1".  Each offers about the same level of suppression (115-116 db with Remington Hi-Vel, 111-112 db with Remington Subsonic), except the longer tube has zero first round pop, as compared to the 7.1" version which has 1-2 db first round pop. a shorter 6.5" version is available if compactness is important, and you don't mind the gun being 3-4 db louder. 

Bullet velocities on all Professional models are the same regardless of tube length, and are the highest in the industry, and of course, these guns will cycle all ammo flawlessly, including subsonic, so you can dial in your sound level/bullet velocities to match your requirements.

The Professional model is not finicky about ammo* as other suppressed guns by different manufacturers are which may require the use of special ammo, like CCI Mini-Mags, to function properly. If your life may depend on it, a gun that works with different types of ammo, is important. 


We now have optional softcases available specifically made for integrally suppressed Ruger and Brwoning handguns, these will fit pistols with suppressor tubes that measure 8" or less from the front of the trigger frame. Price when purchased with  a supressor conversion is $32 each,  price as a  stand alone purchase is $48 each .  CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES 


The Mk3, Mod. 0  Integral ruger MkIII, was  designed for the US military specifically for use with 40 gr CCI MiniMags, and extends beyond the grip frame only 6.8", has an SPL of 114 db with CCI  #0030 40 Gr MiniMag ammo, and is Cerakoted in a Desert Tan finish. It will NOT cycle subsonics. We will only build this on a stainless 5.5" bull barrel Ruger MkIII, Ruger model #10103, we will not do this conversion on any MkII, or other Ruger MkIII.

Both model guns are designed for the serious shooter, who is concerned about accuracy, reliability and bullet velocity. This gun, like all of our .22 pistols, allows the suppressor tube to be removed from the gun to let you clean the expansion chamber surrounding the barrel. A .22 is  dirty, and after a few thousand rounds, if you can't scrape the crud out the expansion chamber, it will clog, and the gun starts getting loud.   Baffles are fixed, and not removable by the user due to their complexity. We can service the suppressor if it becomes necessary.

The advantage of the Ruger MkII/MkIII as a suppressed firearm is it�s stealthy appearance; to the uninitiated, it looks just like a heavy bull barreled gun, and is several dB quieter than the best muzzle suppressor.

NEW:  Holsters for the Integrally Supressed Ruger MkII/MkIII pistols, $80.00 each plus shipping.

* We do not recommend Federal or Aguilla SSS ammo in integral guns.

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