Marlin Camp carbine .45ACP and 9MM.

Similar in suppression to the Ruger 77/44, this is a nice semi-auto rifle. It is probably the cheapest to shoot big bore suppressed rifle due to the common availability of ammunition. The 45 ACP is limited to subsonic usage, due to the characteristics of the cartridge, but the 9MM has a much greater velocity range depending on bullet weight and powder load; from roughly 950 FPS with 147 or 158 gr ammo, to well over 1300 FPS with 115 grain. Suppressor tube is 1.5 OD by about 17 long. Adjustable iron sights are available.

Perfect for feral dogs and is a nice utility gun that offers rapid fire capability.

As the Camp carbines are no longer in production, you will have to supply one for us to suppress. They are readily available on the used market.