Click here for Picture of Buckmark and Challenger

The Buckmark is available in several configurations. You have a choice of either stainless steel tube on a nickel plated or stainless gun (Buckmark only), or matte black Cerakote finish tube/barrel ona black gun, and with suppressor tube lengths of 6.6,  and 7.1 (standard) , as measured from the front of the receiver. 

The standard suppressor tube length on the Buckmark is 7.1" long. Since the Buckmark barrel is longer than the Ruger MkIII barrel, when modified for the suppressor, the 7.1" is equal to the 7.7" tube on the Ruger. * 

Bullet velocities on all guns are the same regardless of tube length, and are the highest in the industry, and of course, these guns will cycle all ammo flawlessly, including subsonic, so you can dial in your sound level/bullet velocities to match your requirements.

These guns are designed for the serious shooter, who is concerned about accuracy, reliability and bullet velocity. This gun, like all of our .22 pistols, allows the suppressor tube to be removed from the gun to let you clean the expansion chamber surrounding the barrel. (A .22 is very dirty, and after a few thousand rounds, if you can't scrape the crud out the expansion chamber, it will clog, and the gun starts getting loud).
The Browning is a very nice firearm to suppress, and is a perfect companion to the hiker or woodsman . It is a high quality firearm, and with its action that is open on both sides, it requires less frequent cleaning than the Ruger, as blowback crud can more easily escape. The ease of barrel changes means that you have the option of merely buying a suppressed barrel for your Browning, and changing suppressed/unsuppressed barrels as you see fit.

* Additional tube length does not make the Buckmark quieter, and only adds back pressure, resulting in more ejection port noise.