.30 cal SHADOW suppressor on .308 SAVAGE 10FP

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NEW!: Titanium Shadow TI, same dimensions, but 14 ounces, 5/8"-24 thread mount only, Stainless steel blast baffle to prevent sparking.

The Professionals Choice.

Unlike some other manufacturers suppressors, we have no cold shot/first round POI deviation, the second shot and all subsequent shots all hit in the same place.

The  SHADOW series will meet your requirements for sound reduction, accuracy and minimal POI shift.  POI shift is always straight down from unsuppressed,  suppressor orientation on the barrel does not matter.

SHADOW XL is 9.25" long and approximately 4-5 dB quieter than the regular SHADOW. Constructed with 100% 300-series stainless steel with a 5/8"-24 thread mount. Weight is 31 ounces.

The SHADOW XL is .300 Win Mag rated  reduces the sound signature below 140 dB. It's built for full-time use on magnum rifles with an Inconel blast baffle.

SHADOW is 8.0" long with a 1.5" OD. Thread mounts with a 9/16"-24 or 5/8"-24 pitch can be ordered. The Shadow delivers 28-34 dB suppression levels with full power ammo, and up to 36 dB with subsonic ammo depending on ammunition and barrel length. Weight is 27 ounces with the thread mount.  This suppressor is very pleasing to shoot as no hearing protection is required with .308 ammunition.  Designed for optimum accuracy, this is a superb tactical suppressor designed for professional use where accuracy and flash suppression is paramount.

Full-power .308 ammunition meters in the 132-136 dB range, which is below the 140 dB threshhold where hearing protection is required. Engel Ballistic Research Subsonic PBS or Thumper 7.62x51 ammo meters at 122 dB; and there is no adverse effect on accuracy, In fact, many rifles shoot tighter groups with this suppressor than without it. Sub-MOA groups are typical, even past 300 yards. We recently fired five shots into one hole (.35") group at 100 yards, using match ammo, from a rifle with the SHADOW suppressor installed.

ALL of our .30 caliber suppressors have excellent sound reduction with subsonic loads, including the .300 BLK.  In addition, our Shadow series suppressors have a very generous baffle and endcap aperture of about .385", one of the largest in the industry. This is important, because subsonic bullets tend to yaw upon barrel exit, and tight tolerance suppressors can experience baffle strikes with a yawing bullet. Our Patented AZTECH  baffle design allows us to use a large aperture, with no loss in sound reduction, even with high velocity ammo.

Both are available in Titanium as the SHADOW TI and SHADOW XL TI .  Our Titanium suppressors are made from grade 9 Titanium aerospace  tubing and 6Al-4V Titanium bar stock, unlike some lower priced competitors which use inexpensive grade 2 commercial Ti, which isn't much stronger than aluminum.  The SHADOW XL TI is rated for .300 RUM usage also.

SHADOW LM is a .338 Lapua Magnum capable suppressor that is 10.5" long and weighs 34 ounces. Constructed of 304- and 316-series stainless steel, Inconel and high strength alloy steel, the Shadow provides over 35 dB of suppression (absolute dB is below 140 dB on a 26" barrel rifle).

Recent independent testing using the B&K 2209 sound meter yielded 138 dB absolute at 1 meter left of the muzzle, and 135 dB 15cm from the shooter's ear. Outside diameter is 1.6" at the rear of the suppressor and 1.5" at the muzzle. Standard thread sizes available are 5/8"-18, 5/8"-20, 5/8"-24, 11/16"-24 and 18X1 metric. 11/16" and 18mm thread are a slightly additional cost.

Titanium SHADOW LM  TI .338 Lapua Magnum suppressor    is 10.5" long, has a 1.5" OD, and weighs either 18 ounces with a Ti 5/8"-24 rear cap, or 20 ounces with stainless rear cap for other thread requirements.


Model Length Weight Diameter dB Reduction
Shadow 8" 28 oz. 1.5" 27 - 31
Shadow Ti 8" 14 oz. 1.5" 29 - 33
Shadow XL 9.3" 32 oz. 1.5" 31 - 35
   Shadow XL Ti 9.2" 16 oz. 1.5" 33 - 37

These suppressors use the new patented SRT AZTECH baffle system, which has been claimed by Al Paulson, a suppressor technical writer, as "One of the most innovative baffle designs since the Maxim model 1909 baffle." The baffle is extremely strong, light, and provides superior efficiency in sound suppression.

Additionally, "first round pop," the propensity of a suppressor to have a much louder first round sound signature, is almost non-existent with the SHADOW.

No other suppressor matches the performance of the SHADOW in degree of suppression in it's size class. The SHADOW may also be used on smaller calibers such as the 7MM Magnum, .270 Winchester, and 5.56 NATO.

The SHADOW  XL is .300 Win Mag rated. 

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Savage 10FP with Suppressor and Thread Protector/Muzzle Break
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