.22 Muzzle Cans

Ruger Mk II with muzzle-attached suppressor


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We offer five variations of thread-on muzzle suppressors for the .22 Rimfire, and one for the .17 HMR. All are threaded 1/2"-28 as standard, while other threads may be possible.


Model Length Weight Diameter Absolute dB (Ruger Mk II 5")
Odessa 3.9" 3.1 oz. 1.0" 124 dB
Cheyenne 4.8" 3.3 oz. 1.0" 119 dB
Cheyenne XL 5.4" 3.5 oz. 1.0" 117 dB
Cheyenne XXL 6.2" 3.7 oz. 1.0" 115 dB
Apache 5.5" 6.0 oz. 1.0" 117 dB
Comanche .22RF / .17 HMR 6.5" 8.0 oz. 1.0" 122 dB
.17 HMAX 6.1" 8.0 oz. 1.0" 122 dB


CHEYENNE - An all-aluminum suppressor except for the stainless steel rear cap where threads are. With a 1-inch O.D., the suppressor is 4.8" long and weighs 3.5 ounces and reduces sound by approximately 35-41 dB with Remington subsonic ammunition. (This depends on the host gun's barrel length. 116-117 average dB absolute readings were recorded on a 5" barrel pistol). Color is black GunKote.

CHEYENNE XL - Just like the Cheyenne, except it incorporates one more baffle and is 5.4" long. This is the quietest production suppressor currently available in its size class (under 6" long).

CHEYENNE XXL - A building block above the Cheyenne XL: the XXL has one more baffle than the Cheyenne XL. Measuring 6.2" long, it is approximately 2 dB quieter than the Cheyenne XL. You will not find a quieter .22 suppressor than the Cheyenne XXL if you don't mind the extra length.

22 ODESSA  - Similar to the Cheyenne yet only 3.90" long. It delivers  up to 34 dB of dry sound reduction on a Beretta 21A. The ODESSA is the perfect suppressor when size is of importance; this tiny suppressor outperforms many other competing products that are 2-3" longer. Click here for Odessa Pictures

APACHE - Features all-stainless steel tube and end caps with aluminum internals. 1" O.D. by 5.0" long, this can provides 36-42 dB of sound suppression using Remington subsonic ammo. Color is a polished stainless finish.

The above three units are sealed.

COMANCHE - This is an all-stainless steel unit designed specifically for .22RF and .17 HMR submachine gun use, particularly the American 180, Vector UZI .22, and M-16 .22LR conversions. 1" O.D., by 6.5" long, the COMANCHE may be completely disassembled by the user for cleaning and maintenance. This is an important consideration considering how quickly a sealed unit can become clogged with vaporized lead from full-auto fire.

For comparison, we tested the above suppressors using a Ruger MkII with a 5" barrel as the host gun, along with Remington subsonic ammo. The resulting dB results are averages of 10 rounds:


Cheyenne XXL 114.9 dB:  (quietest screw-on suppressor that we know of - by anyone)
Cheyenne XL 116.6 dB
Apache 117.6 dB
Cheyenne 118.1 dB
Comanche 121.6 dB
Odessa 124.2 dB

.17 HMAX - A sealed, slightly modified COMANCHE tuned specifically for the Hornady .17 HMR cartridge. It yields an absolute dB rating of 125 dB measured 1 meter to the left of the muzzle and 122 dB at the shooters ear. That is more quiet than a pellet gun. It will also work on any .22 rimfire or .22 Magnum. The HMAX also has a 1' O.D. is 6.1" long, features all stainless steel construction, and weighs just 8 ounces. Finish options are either flat black DuraCoat or brushed stainless.

Price includes a disassembly wrench on the Comanche only. A separate alignment stand that holds the COMANCHE upright and guarantees baffle alignment during reassembly is available for an addition $20.

dB reductions on the Comanche suppressor ranges from 34-39 dB depending on ammo and the host gun. Color is bright stainless, and; a black Molycote finish is available for an extra $20.

Note: There are  some so-called independent websites that claim to test suppressors. Take these sites with a grain of salt, as they may not use Mil-Std 1474D test protocol, and may be using the wrong testing equipment, and in many cases obtain the suppressors tested from private parties or competing manufacturers, without any regard to when the suppressor was manufactured. (In our industry, like many others, we continually make improvements in design). In some cases, the test results have been changed after the original  test results were posted, for whatever reason, and  in some cases produce  incorrect dB readings that no one else in the industry can duplicate.

We also offer barrel threading services, click  HERE for pictures.