Ruger 10/22,  96/22, 77/22 and Marlin 7000


The 10/22 and 77/22 are available in both stainless steel, and blued/Cerakoted versions. Note: you MUST supply the host rifle for us to suppress.

You have two choices of tube/barrel lengths: 22" overall with a removable tube (barrel is 16"), and 16.5" overall, fixed in place tube, with 10" barrel. 18" overall with 12" barrel is also available. All tubes are 1" diamter . 

Suppression and bullet velocities are approximately the same on all barrel lengths, the only difference is the suppressor tube is removable on the 22" version, as the barrel itself is still above the legal minimum length of 16".

The 10/22 will cycle most ammo*, and all guns provide higher bullet velocities than our competitors, at equal or better sound reduction. Our 10/22 and 77/22 is the choice of several government agencies for work where accuracy, quietness, and bullet velocity is critically important.

The tensioned barrel design we use on all out guns insures maximum accuracy.

Iron sights are an option on all three guns if you do not wish to use a scope. We recommend you upgrade to a Hogue synthetic rubber stock on the 10/22 as this stock helps absorb action noise from the bolt cycling. We are able to offer this stock at a substantial discount from regular wholesale prices.


* Guns are tested with Remington High velocity, CCI standard velocity and Remington subsonic for functionality. Due to variances in Ruger barrels and receivers and different lots of ammo from the same manufacturers,  we cannot absolutely guarantee flawless functioning with some subsonics and some standard velocity ammos. Note: We no longer supply suppressed barrels only, you MUST send in a complete rifle for us to work with.